Booking Terms & Conditions

Important Information Exclusion of Liability

1. Whilst Oongkalkada will take all reasonable steps to provide an enjoyable tour, it accepts no liability for any loss of enjoyment experienced by passengers due to circumstances beyond its control. Oongkalkada further accepts no liability for any loss beyond its reasonable control and provides no warranties in addition to those set out under the Trade Practices Act 1974, and nothing herein restricts any passenger from exercising their rights and remedies pursuant to law.

2.  Your travel agent will forward booking confirmations and other payments to us on your behalf, but your travel agent is not our agent for the purpose of receipt of monies. Receipt of booking confirmations and subsequent payments by the travel agent does not constitute receipt of those monies by us and the travel agent has no authority expressed or implied to receive monies on our behalf. There is no liability on the part of Oongkalkada in respect to any monies paid to the passenger's travel agent unless and until Oongkalkada notifies the passenger (by way of a booking confirmation advice or payment receipt advice) that monies have been received by us.

3. These tours include the services of operators other than the company e.g. hoteliers, airlines and optional tour excursions, which are not under the direct control of Oongkalkada, and whilst Oongkalkada takes all reasonable care in selecting these operators, it cannot accept responsibility for those operators' conduct or the conduct of their representative employees or agents or for any ramifications of that conduct.

4. On tours including activities such as trekking, swimming and snorkelling, passengers accept that degrees of risk are involved.

5. No passenger will be permitted to embark or continue on tour while their mental or physical condition is, in the opinion of any representative of Oongkalkada, such as to render them incapable of caring for themselves, or whereby they become objectionable to other passengers, or they become a hazard to themselves or other passengers. The company will not be responsible for expenses resulting in such persons being precluded from completing the tour.

6. Oongkalkada reserve the right to alter the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances.